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TIG-200PI TIG Welder Review – How Good Is It?

Arya Ebrahimi
7 Min Read
TIG welding aluminum-What you need to Know
TIG welding aluminum-What you need to Know

Affordable yet packed with advanced capabilities, the Perfect Power TIG-200PI TIG Welder offers hobbyists and professionals impressive value for money. This dual-voltage AC/DC TIG machine supports all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect at a much higher price tag. However, the TIG-200PI isn’t flawless, so it’s wise to scrutinize the details before deciding if this welder meets your needs. (Hint: It over-delivers for most users, but heavy industrial applications may prove challenging.)

TIG 200 Review

Welding Town

The TIG-200PI’s selling points, in a nutshell, are that its compact size and light 30 lb weight make the Perfect Power TIG-200PI superbly portable and perfect for job site welding.
Its bright digital display and intuitive controls also ensure quick setup, even for welding greenhorns.Perfect Power has built this unit to impressive quality standards with a reassuring 1-year warranty backing it up. But most impressively, the TIG-200PI crams in a vast array of professional functions are rarely seen at these bargain basement prices.

Key Specs

ProcessesTIG, Stick
Current OutputAC/DC
Input Voltage1ph 220V ±15%
TIG Output 10-200A
TIG Duty Cycle60%
AC Frequency50-60Hz
AC Balance50-90%
Starting MethodHigh Frequency
Machine Weight11.5kg
Torch Included?Yes
Foot Pedal Included?Yes
Pre and Post Flow ControlYes
Feature Perfect Power TIG-200PI

Hits and Misses

Performance: 5/5 – Stable, wandering-free arc that can lay down professional-grade welds on any metal or joint configuration provided you have the skills. The pulse performs impressively.
Power: 4/5 – More than adequate power for most jobs, but that 25% duty cycle won’t allow endless thick metal single pass welding like pipe jobs.
Features: 5/5 – You won’t find this vast array of premium TIG functions from a reputed brand at such a low price point. Adjust everything to perfection.
Portability: 5/5 – One of the most luggable AC/DC TIG machines around thanks to its diminutive size, featherweight 30 lb mass, and robust top handle.
Value: 5/5 – I can’t fathom how Perfect Power offers such quality, accessory-laden machines at these criminally low prices. Don’t question it, just rejoice!
Satisfaction: 5/5 – Users rave about the TIG-200PI’s performance per dollar. With this skillset and price tag, there’s zero buyer’s remorse to be had.
Support: 4/5 – The manual has a few organizational hiccups but ultimately explains everything well. Perfect Power’s customer service is super helpful too.



  • ✓ Pro-level TIG arc and weld quality
  • ✓ Bright digital display is a joy
  • ✓ Newly launched model
  • ✓ Loaded with advanced AC/DC TIG features
  • ✓ AC/DC Pulsed and Standard TIG
  • ✓ AC/DC Stick welding supported
  • ✓ Highly portable weighing just 30 lbs
  • ✓ 115V/230V Dual Voltage
  • ✓ Includes a flex-head TIG torch
  • ✓ High-quality foot pedal included
  • ✓ Gas lens kit & flow meter regulator included
  • ✓ Minimum 5A output for thin metals
  • ✓ 2T/4T trigger options
  • ✓ Easy to setup and use
  • ✓ Memorize favorite settings
  • ✘ Limited duty cycle
  • ✘ Exterior design feels basic, not premium
  • ✘ Manual formatting could be improved
  • ✘ No VRD for increased safety
  • ✘ Advanced TIG has a learning curve
  • ✘ Stick electrode holder not included

What You Need To Know

While offering exceptional bang for buck, Perfect Power’s “premium” branding for the TIG-200PI may be somewhat hyperbolic in a few areas.
This is no rugged industrial machine rated for the harshest jobsite conditions with high IP waterproof/dustproof ratings. Its standard IP21 rating restricts use to relatively clean, dry environments.
The 25% duty cycle at 200A also caps single-pass weld lengths on thicker stock – though this suffices for most hobby and light pro use.
So while the “premium” moniker oversells its industrial credentials, the TIG-200PI excels as an affordable workshop or light pro-use welder for hobbyists, artists, auto shops etc.

Where It Truly Shines

When it comes to sheer bang for buck though, the Perfect Power TIG-200PI has few equals in this price bracket.
AC/DC TIG Capability – An invaluable feature letting you weld aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless, chromoly, titanium and more.
Pulsed TIG – Reduce heat input, distortion and metallurgical issues. Essential for overhead welding. Adjust from 0.5-500Hz!
Advanced AC TIG Functions – Tweak cleaning action and penetration with the broad 10-90% AC Balance range.
Quality Accessories Included – A premium flex-head TIG torch, gas lens kit, foot pedal and flow meter regulator are all bundled in.
Memorized Settings – Quickly recall customized parameters for different materials and thicknesses.
User-Friendly – Large digital display and intuitive controls ensure fast, easy setup right out the box.

How It Compares

Realistically, the only alternative I’d consider in this price range is the ESAB EMP 215ic. And even then, Perfect Power’s welder wins comfortably on value.

The ESAB model lacks AC TIG and pulsed capabilities entirely, immediately disqualifying it for many users. It’s also far pricier despite offering fewer features.
ESAB’s longer track record likely translates to superior longevity and resale value versus the nascent TIG-200PI. But given Perfect Power’s strong reputation and warranty, the value equation decisively favors their welder.

Finalizing Your Decision

In summary, the Perfect Power TIG-200PI is a superbly capable and versatile TIG welder for the price bracket. It packs an unbeatable features-per-dollar ratio.
I wholeheartedly recommend it for hobbyists, artists, light fabricators, automotive welders and more seeking professional TIG capabilities on a budget. The only users who may want to look elsewhere are heavy industrial pipe welders or those operating in extremely harsh environments.
For everyone else prioritizing value and performance over elite industrial credentials, the Perfect Power TIG-200PI punches well above its weight class.

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