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25 Welding Projects Good Enough To Sell To Make Money

Reverend Greg
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I’ve been designing and testing welding projects that sell for quite some time now. As my kids got older, they also became involved in the process. Our primary focus is to fabricate things that people can use, enjoy, and will buy.

25 Welding Projects Good Enough To Sell

Welding Town

Selling crafts is a great side hustle, but there is tough competition. You have many different types of welding projects to choose from, some easy ones and others that are a bit more detailed. It will depend on your skillset which projects are right for you.


There are many welding project ideas out there. Whether you’re an experienced welder or just starting out, these projects offer both fun and a chance to make some cash.

No doubt, DIY ideas in welding projects that sell come in handy and help offset some of your costs and allow you to invest in more and better equipment for future projects. Meanwhile, never underrate the influence of welding ideas that have been tried, tested, and trusted to work with.

We have carefully selected some welding project ideas that will interest you and make your labor pay off at the end of the day. The list of ideas is separated between beginner welding projects and those that require more experience.

Some of the ideas are intended to enhance the beauty and value of homes. In that way, it allows you to carry out some essential repairs at home without having to hire the service of a repair specialist or professional.

Each of the welding project ideas discussed comes with clear instructions. And if you search the internet, you’ll find out the simple steps to understanding how to go about all of these projects. You’ll learn how to start and complete a welding project without hassle.

Take a look at the ideas that made our list and choose a welding project that best suits your skill level.

1. Firepit

If you get a half-sheet of steel, you’ll make this unique welding project idea. A fire pit is made from textured steel. What makes firepit welding attractive to beginners is the flexibility of thickness.

If your steel plate is just 1.2 mm thick, you can have a firepit welding idea become a reality. Added to that flexibility is that you can customize the size of the design to suit your specific taste and needs.

2. Firewood Rack

A firewood rack is another great welding idea that stands you out, and if you live in an area where many residents have natural wood fireplaces, as we do, firewood racks are in high demand. 

With this simple design, you can seamlessly create a frame for your fire-starting materials and firewood. There are two U-shaped metal pieces attached to the rack that gives support. The stand also contains an optional kindling attachment.

3. Doorbell

The doorbell is an old-style bell ringer that adds a classic design to your front door. To start, get your argon cylinder with some scrap steel. Mount the cylinder directly on your home exterior. You can weld it to your preferred material to give your property a unique look it deserves.

Prepare all your tools, materials, and equipment, including the rod, cylinder, and plate. Then, carefully place the rod on the mounting plate and weld it with the clanger hook. Also, weld the bell part to the end section of the rod. With your grinder, tidy it before coating to prevent rusting.

4. Log Burner Fireguard

Creating a unique homemade log burner fireguard is one welding project idea that sells a lot in the market today. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t require much investment. Choose your measurements for all the tools and materials you’ll need.

These are often determined by the size of the burner you want to build. Cut the steel into pieces and weld; then grind your welds flat before making the stand, then hinges/connectors before giving it a fine finish with metal paint.

5. Hanging Shelves

Rod iron shelf brackets tie in the classic farmhouse look with a modern twist. This welding project idea is not only saleable but also incredibly strong, effective, and easy to make. It gives your work that modern industrial look that it desires. Get ready your jig, spacers, steel, flat bars, square stocks, and wood.

Cut your steel into required sizes with accurate measurements (thickness and dimension) of the flat bars, wood, and square stock. Make sure spacing and a snug fit.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran metal worker, this is a great introductory welding project accessible to everyone. As a beginner welding project idea, hanging steel shelves can be improved upon and made better by more experienced metalworkers.

The great thing about this project is that the shelf bracket is simple and looks very lightweight. Its versatility shows in its ability to be adapted to several different applications.

6. Tapered Bar Stool

If you like color combinations, you love the look of this bar stool design. The colors go together really well, and it’s an excellent beginner-friendly welding project and should sell well.

Simply prepare your wood and other items, including angle iron and a walnut seat. With a scarp MDF, you can construct an angled-based form and form base to stand the stool.  Prepare the stool top, portable vise, footrest, and then give it a fine finish of welding stool frame before cleaning up the welds. 

7. Micro Mug Burner

During the cold seasons, everyone wants to have a hot or at least a warm drink. Whether it is coffee, chocolate, or tea, people love their early morning beverages. But when the drink goes cold, you need a thermal coaster to get your drink warmed.

Now you have a solution to your coffee going cold. Within a few hours and minimal resources, you can make this micro burner specifically for your mug.

This thermal coaster requires a few items (a Stainless steel bowl, glue gun, drill, wire basket, and screwdriver) when you’re welding it. It keeps your drink cold for a long time. Because of its compact size and nature, you can even afford to travel with it.

Not much is required to design a micro mug burner, and you can even carry it along in your vehicle when traveling so that you can enjoy hot coffees at any time of the day.

8. Candle Light Tree

The advent of Christmas ushers in new trends, one of them is the Christmas tree. Our candlelight tree is a design that is specially made with a modest look.

With its natural glow of a fire, this welding project idea features no trace of Christmas tree needles when you place them on your carpet. With approximately €17 (US$20), you will have one for yourself.

Get your steel rod, hammer, and other tools and materials ready, then prepare the base, the branches, and the bottom branches. Form the tree and holders with your materials, weld the base, branches, and tree. Weld and attach the holders and give them the final finish.

9. Ball and Chain

Have you ever wondered if you could do a workout without having to spend so much time at the gym? That’s how things shape themselves for you, especially if you’re on a low budget.

With the Ball and Chain welding project idea, you may have just found a solution you’ve been looking for. Guess what? This project has a reasonable weight that could throw out that uninteresting fatigue.

You do not need to order any of those expensive wedding gifts for your nephew. With the ball and chain, you have something to resend as a gift for your friends and relative for any occasion. This medieval shackle is a unique welding project that will make a sculpture for a wedding gift.

10. Giant Spider

Give me a $5 bowling ball, and I will make an impressive roof-sized spider for you. Afraid of holding a spider? No worries. It’s just a product of artwork. Let’s get ourselves something from a blend of a couple of materials, including steel, welds, paint, bowling ball, ball.

With a few bends, welds, and an old $5 bowling ball that you could get from your local thrift store, you can send one to your roof. Do you want to learn how to make a black-widow-looking spider for Halloween decor? Never be shy.

11. Flower Bouquet

For some months now, you’ve been racking your head trying to figure out what gift ideas you can offer for that particular person in your life.

Sometimes, the projects at the workshop can be a little demanding to the point that you’re not able to go out and buy anything. You can just combine one or two things to make a creative floral design.

The flower bouquet comes with incredibly eloquent construction, making it difficult to distinguish natural floral design from welded one.

12. Welding Trolley Project

Welding trolley projects are one of the welding project ideas that sell. Rare and straightforward as it were, the idea is taking over the market. What excites more than having a cart glide your welding tool instead of tugging it up and down manually or with a makeshift trolley that is not specifically for this purpose.

13. Tandem Bike

If you ever desire to own your tandem bike, here’s an opportunity to have one. This homemade design is something every riding enthusiast would want to own. You can own yours, too. It is not simple to make, but you can learn to create a fun and functional bike.

Imagine designing and building your own bike. This is an excellent example for any welder looking to make a unique craft, with pedals that allow you to sit back comfortably while cranking.

14. Hanging Steel Pan Rack

Your pots and dishes around the kitchen need not scatter and make everywhere look disorganized.   And now that you can’t afford the expensive cost of those attractive designs you find on Shopify and Amazon, why not invest less and earn more value with this homemade artifact?

Take in your right hand a square tubing of your preferred material. Are you set? Now weld the bracket together before drilling through the tubing to place the hooks that suspend the pots and pans. Make sure you drill the hooks into the top of the frame. This is to ensure that your final project makes a great look even as it hangs on the ceiling.

15. Hammer

Aren’t you surprised you could get creative to the point of designing a hammer from welding materials? Maybe that doesn’t amaze you as such. What about using a little TIG welding to produce a helpful hammer? Simply mount the handle to the head and see a beautiful and valuable hammer come out as a product.

Apply the same principle to create a fireplace poker or other tools. Hence, it becomes somewhat of fun having a tool that can serve a purpose now and even in the near future when you need to hit the nail deep into the stubborn door. This is an excellent DIY welding project idea that sells for hobby welding.

16. Wood Stove

Why waste money to buy a brand new wood stove for your house when you can fabricate your own. Wood stoves aren’t practical for cooking, but they are great for warming rooms and heating drinks, and if you want to cook them, you can.

During the winters, we used a wood stove much like a fireplace. You can make one for yourself or sell it without spending much money, depending on the material you choose to use.

Employ your welding skills, and there you’re with a fine-looking long flue-designed wood stove that keeps the smoke away and creates the necessary heat to give warmth to your cold coffee. A wood Stove is perfect for all kinds of kettle warming.

17. Corner Couch

One can only imagine the phenomenal cost of buying a sectional sofa from an e-store these days. The price is sucking and could take a toll on your meager income. Instead of wasting so much on it, why not make your own?

With a few lengths of supplies, including steel, and your welder, you could have a perfect economical homemade corner couch that will serve the entire family when you want to relax those strong muscles. It is a perfect replica of what you queue for at retail stores every quarter of the year. The process of making it is seamless and straightforward.

18. Stainless Steel Handrail

It’s now that time of the season when you have to leave the first floor for the third floor. You wouldn’t have to use the lift. Use the stair steps to get there, which serves as a way to stretch out the muscles.

But you need to support your body with handrails as you move upwards. Then combine your skills and a few other tools to make a homemade stainless steel handrail. You can complete the project with a polished finish that best suits your house.

19. Steel and Glass Partitioning Wall

An idea only sells when the creator or initiator puts it into action. No dream ever produces any reality if not interpreted and cleverly thought through.

If you’re feeling a little gamey, this is another welding project idea that could turn your depression into excitement. You may have seen some partitioning walls made of steel and glass.

This homemade design combines a simple yet thorough set of tools and supplies with your welder. Don’t spend so much time as a newbie because this idea is one of the incredibly fantastic beginner wedding projects.

20. Gate

Gates serve as protection for your property. Make an intricately artistic gate by welding together a couple of steel or iron as you like to guard. This welding idea is a fantastic project to take on.

21. Unique Square Coffee Table

As the name suggests, you could deploy your creativity in welding to build a unique square coffee table. Incredibly simple, this stunning design is a product of a blend of a few lengths of supplies plus your welder.

It gives the illusion that your lounge harbors more space than it seems. Yet, the square coffee table provides a lot of table space. You cannot help but give them a try to see how their beauty can come out of ingenuity and skilled adventure.

22. Custom Off-Road Bumpers

It is not every experience that counts. It can be frustrating having to put your costly vehicle on a stony road.  Worse, if you live in a rural area, especially in the West of the US, you’ve got to travel on many tempting gravel roads.

What have you got to do to avoid a sickening headache that often accompanies a few hours of travel on such roads? Try to equip your vehicle with these custom-made off-road bumpers to save yourself from those ugly experiences. It does not matter what kind of vehicle you have right there on those rough roads. You can go out any time of the day there.

23.  Paired Block Table Set

Just as you have your own unique square coffee table, the paired block table set also features simplicity and portability. This space-economical extra couch gives you the rest of your mind when friends come for a visit.

This intelligent design is one of the hobby welding projects that manage space for you. It enables you to slip one under the other neatly and smartly. It also provides you with the option to have an extra number of tables or stool sets. The idea is brilliant if you can just deploy your welding creativity to get for yourself what readymade projects may not offer.

24. Suspension Stool

The suspension stool is a beginner welding project idea that has taken over the market for several reasons. These impressive stools are made entirely from scrap metal. This and other supplies are pretty much available at your local shop for purchase.

The uniqueness of this mushroom-looking stool is the comfort it offers. When you sit on them, you get a sense of comfort and ease. You can be sure that even long hours sitting on it does not hurt.

25. Triangular Brazier Project

Small welding projects that sell include the triangular brazier project. This brazier is a bit smaller than the fire pit we described in section 5. But the unique thing about it is that it possesses some smart-looking finish.

Besides, this project does not take up too much space within the kitchen. So, when you’re prepared for your Easter Vigil night fire, this triangular brazier project can make a great fit. Hence, you can control the fire and give its flames some sense of direction.

A Wrap

It’s great that you read the entire post, and hopefully now have some ideas for your favorite projects. However, what is of utmost importance is your willingness to try new things and to start welding.

It’s not enough to just read. Try out some of the welding project ideas and see the results that come after that. It is not so much about how many projects you can handle. It’s much more about the quality of the ones you deliver. Try to complete as much as you can with a quality mindset guiding every process and project.

Finally, watch the world turn into real art by creativity and classic artfulness of creators and inventors. Whether you talk about Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Johannes Gutenberg, or any of those fantastic inventors, there’s something that distinguishes their works from ordinary scientists.

They had an inner vision and mind that drove their thinking. If they failed, they picked themselves up again until they arrived at that which they desired. You could also do the same. Every welding project idea is worth your try. And you can be sure how it pays off eventually.

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