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Welding Projects

What welding projects are you working on? Are you proud of something you built?
How about posting some pics so other welders can get some ideas?

Welding Rods Compared: 7014 vs 7018 Differences

In this article you will learn about the different between 7014 and 7018 soldering electrodes - we will consider coatings,

Reverend Greg Reverend Greg

MIG and TIG Shielding Gas Basics!

As you probably know by now, shielding gas is used to shield or protect a MIG or TIG weld pool

TJsmud TJsmud

Art Deco Fireguard for Log Burner – Welding Projects Good Enough To Make Money

Creating a unique homemade log burner fireguard is one welding project idea that sells a lot in the market today.

Plain ol Bill Plain ol Bill
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