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Best Flux Core Welders – MIG Welding Machine Reviews

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Best Flux Core Welders – MIG Welding Machine Reviews
Best Flux Core Welders – MIG Welding Machine Reviews

Flux core welding and general MIG welding are similar methods used for both outdoor and indoor welding projects. However, flux core welding has certain advantages, especially when dealing with metals that are prone to galvanization, rusting, and other forms of corrosion. For hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, a flux core welder is a more suitable choice.

Best Value Flux Core Welders for Money Machines

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Super Deal Black Mig – Our Small & Portable Pick

The Super Deal welder is a top choice for its affordability and portability. If you need a lightweight and compact machine, this is the one to consider.

This welder’s small size allows for easy placement and use in various positions, even in tight spaces where larger machines might not fit. It’s particularly useful for welding pipes and other confined areas.

The Super Deal welder offers several excellent features. It comes with adjustable current flow, allowing you to change amperage based on your welding needs. The wide range of wire use includes a welding spool, wire, extra tips, a small 2.5 torch, a wire brush, and a hammer for chipping the metal. The temperature control mechanism allows you to set the temperature for different thickness levels, ensuring proper welding performance.

The digital control panel provides flexibility and awareness of the welder’s performance, giving you maximum control over the machine. The copper tip helps remove slag build-up during continuous use, and the welder comes with two extra tips for convenience.

For cooling, the welder has both vents and a cooling fan, which dissipates heat and protects against thermal overload. It also features thermal overload protection, automatically stopping operation to cool down if it gets too hot.

The Super Deal welder operates on 110 volts at 120 amps and can handle weld wires ranging from 0.023 to 0.035 inches in both steel and carbon steel. Its lightweight design, weighing only thirty-eight pounds, makes it highly portable and a valuable addition to your garage. Additionally, it comes with a helmet for safety during welding.

With its user-friendly features and portability, the Super Deal welder is an excellent choice, especially for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy working on various projects at home.

No setup is required as it comes pre-assembled. Just unbox and plug it to start weldingThere is no difference between the slow setting and the fast setting
One of the most affordable welders out there in the marketSome customers complained of faulty units
Ability to control your current flow in four different modes
It comes with two extra metal tips
Best choice for garage DIY projects
Pros & Cons of Super Deal Black Mig
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