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Flux Core Welding vs. MIG Welding: What’s The Difference?

Minnesota Dave
13 Min Read

Is Flux Core Welding as Good as MIG Welding?

Welding Town

Pros vs. Cons Summarized

Pros vs. Cons Summarized
Easy to learn and set upExpensive wires
Excellent choice for outdoor conditionsProduces spatter and slag
Affordable to operateRequires more cleaning 
No gas tankNot suitable for aluminum welds
PortableNot good for thin stock as it would blow through
Tolerates dirt, rust, and paintHigh level of fumes
Great for welding steel and cast iron
Better penetration that works great for thick stock
Flux-Cored Wire Welding
Pros vs. Cons Summarized
Simple to learnNot suitable for outdoors
Cleaner and neater welding process compared to flux-coredHarder to set up for a new weld
Affordable wiresStarting expenses are higher as you need gas
Great choice for thin stockNot a good option for cast iron
Works well with aluminumNeeds bright white metal
Not suitable for cast iron welds
Requires a tank
Solid MIG Wire Welding
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